Vera Martynova

Vera Martynova

2002 - graduated as a painter from the Art College

2008 - graduated as a stage designer from the Russian Theatre Academy GITIS.

Since 2004 she has been a member of Krymov Lab, a performer and an artist. She also works as a set designer in other theatres.

2007 - Grand Prix at the Prague Quadrinnial - world stage designers exhibition (for creating Russian pavillion together with other members of Krymov Lab)

2010 - Golden Mask National Theatre Award as the best set designer for Opus No7.

Performances in Krymov Lab:

«Ser Vantes. Donkiy Hot»(2005),

«Demon. View above» (2006),

«Not a Fairy Tales» (2004),

«The Auction» (2005),

«Giraffe Death»,

«Opus 7»,


«Oil on Canvas, Mixed Media»

«A story: Dido & Aeneas»

 «As You Like It» by W. Shakespeare «Midsummer Night's Dream» (International Chekhov Festival & Royal Shakespeare Company)


Performances with other companies:

«Кoriolan» W. Shakespeare (Theatre «School of Dramatic Art»), director I. Yatsko, 2007,

«Little Russia's songs» (Theatre «School of Dramatic Art»), director A. Ogareov, 2008

«Love is not joking» Alfred de Musset (Theatre «Spaces»), director G. Trostyanetsky, 2006,

«Bald Soprano» Eugene Ionesco (HNK, Split), director A. Ogareov,2007,

«Snowstorm» A. Pushkin (Theatre «Gavella», Zagreb), director A. Ogareov, 2007,

«Crime and Punishment» F. Dostoevsky (HNK, Split), director A. Ogareov,2009,

«Hamlet» W. Shakespeare (HNK, Split), director A. Ogareov, 2010,

«Waiting for Godot» S. Beckett , director Adrian Giurgea , Sankt-Peterburg, 2011

«Rock-n-Roll» by Tom Stoppard, costume designer. RAMT. Moscow, director A. Shapiro, 2011 

«Letter» M. Shishkin, director M. Brusnikina, Moscow Art Theatre, 2011